Bad Dating Advise: Don’t Present A Lie

Dating is usually held up to be one of the more difficult things in life. We all have to do it, and we quite literally have to put on a happy face in the process. But at the same time everyone knows that it’s usually a less than ideal experience, and for good reason. Nobody likes to feel judged and that’s quite literally what dating is; putting oneself out there to be judged. But this also leads into the number one thing which people need to stop doing on dates. And that’s putting on an act when they first meet a potential partner.

To be fair, few people would phrase the advice in such harsh terms. Nobody will flatly say that one should lie on a first date. But to borrow from one of history’s greatest romantics, it’s important to remember that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And a lie by another other name will still cause pain when it comes to light. In this case everyone’s mother’s advice is actually the better path to follow when it comes to dating. Just be yourself and things will always turn out better.

Now, this might seem a bit too extreme at first. It seems like common sense to present oneself at his or her best on a first date. But it’s important to remember that a first date and other early encounters are more of an early veto process. It’s a chance for both people to get an idea of who the other is. Now imagine how this impacts the traditional advice to present a facade of oneself so early on.

Women will typically push their cosmetic skills to the limit while selecting clothing which they’d never wear on normal occasions. Men will go through grooming which they’ll never do again until the next first date and dress in a way that they may outright hate. And then it comes to the actual meeting. Two people who might have everything in the world in common. But they’re never going to see that. Because both people are instead seeing a facade. Instead, dressing and acting as one normally would will give the other person an idea of what it’d be like to actually live with them. And that’s the point of dating. To see if the other person might be someone to spend a happy lifetime with.

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