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Jane The Virgin: A Review

The adult- theme American romantic comedy-drama was first aired in October 13, 2014 at CW. The TV show won a lot of popularity ever since its concept was first heard by the fans. The story revolves around a young woman, daughter of a teen, who accidentally gets artificially inseminated. The show’s popularity in the debut season helped it announce its second season which is expected to telecast in October this year. What makes the fans more excited is the expected guest appearance of pop star Britney spears in the second season of the show.


The show’s narrator has been winning hearts away. The funny narration has been wide accepted as enticing and goes well with the drama these of the show. The show has got a lot of color and style.

The team of writers managed to adapt Perla Farías’ 2002 Venezuelan telenovela into the life of a virgin who got pregnant. After being criticized for the climax of the final seasons of her other shows including Gilmore Girls and Men in Trees, the show’s producer Jennie Snyder Urman did a good job with Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin has a continued complexity of the story, starting with the accidental artificial insemination of a virgin, leading her single mother to recall the bad times she had with her husband, then Jane being inseminated with the semen of a man she had a crush on. This man, however, is already married and separated from his wife. The storyline and chronology initially seemed similar to other TV shows where the problems seem to start with the parting of those who wish to be together. However, the relationship between Jane and Rafael (father of her unborn child) has been portrayed with a wide variety of ups and downs; the extremes that showed up every week. She compares and contrasts the past with the present and tends to hate the man she had a crush on.

The show does not have any major shortfalls except for the excessive melodrama at times showing Jane in an emotional state knowing that she got impregnated by her school-time crush accidentally. However, it has received the audience’s backing due to the uniqueness of the concept. The show is also credited for the scenes where Rafael and Jane, while fighting over petty issues get involved in the baby, and talk like obvious would-be parents.

Such a show engages the youth flavor which has never been presented before the CW audience, and the wide variety of the appearances of the star cast is also catching the attention of the viewers. The occasional romance between the forced couple, the apprehensions of the central character who thought of never repeating her mother’s mistake and the ambiguity of her relationship with Rafael have kept the viewers (including this reviewer) waiting to see the next season.