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Should A Woman Fake An Orgasm?

You probably know that some women find it harder to have an orgasm than men do. As a result, it’s possible that they may not always be able to orgasm when they have sex. Therefore, they are left with a big question. Should they fake their orgasm so that their man is satisfied, or should they be up front about the fact that they are unable to orgasm? If they do this, it is possible that the man may become anxious or self-conscious and believe that he is not good enough in the bedroom for her, even though this is often not the case.

As with most things in life, honesty is the best policy and you should typically apply this to your sex life. However, there is scope for bending the boundaries a bit when it comes to females faking an orgasm. As it can be so difficult and some women find it hard to orgasm ever – even when masturbating on their own – the simple act of faking it can solve many problems. The chances are that they are enjoying the sex anyway, so they aren’t lying as such anyway, and it’s a very easy thing to pull off – in the heat of the moment, the man is unlikely to know whether you are faking it or not.

But then you also have to consider the other side of things. If you knowingly fake your orgasm every time, then you may begin to believe that you are not getting the sexual satisfaction that you should. In this scenario, it is likely that you will become unhappy with your relationships and tensions between the two of you will grow. If things get really heated, you also have the leverage over the man that you have been faking your orgasms – you could use this against him, and this may upset him and bring your relationship to an end.

It is largely up to you. While you should never fake it if it isn’t good enough for you, if you are enjoying yourself but are unable to make it all the way, then faking your orgasm is not such a bad idea. It alleviates a potential problem and you do not have to feel guilty about it, meanwhile your man will get an added boost as he will think that he is very good in the sack – a win-win situation for both of you.


How Exercising Can Make Your Sex Life Better

People are always looking for ways to make their sex lives better, and one effective but often unmentioned way is to exercise regularly. Keeping up a regular exercise regime will help to make you feel healthier and fitter, as well as give you increased body confidence in the bedroom that is sure to make you more of a sexual animal.

Sex can be very tiring, especially if you like it wild. It may be that after a long day, that you don’t feel like doing it – while this may be for other reasons, much of the time it is simply because you are unfit and unprepared for a physical activity late in the day. This needs to change now.

For men, they are often only concerned about themselves, and it may take the woman much longer to orgasm – hence he needs increased stamina to leave both parties satisfied when having sex. Regular exercise will help achieve this. A stronger, fitter and more energetic man will be able to satisfy his woman much better in the bedroom, which will in turn improve the relationship between the pair of you a lot.

Exercising often will also help to make you much more relaxed, which will be good for when you are having sex. If you are stressed and have lots of tension, you are unlikely to be able to perform at your best when you want to. Exercising releases all the negative energies that you may have, so be sure to do this often – perhaps even a few hours before you plan on having sex.

In addition to all of the health benefits, for women, exercising a lot will probably make them much more flexible, which will allow them to spice things up when having sex. Their new found flexibility will ensure that they can get into new, thrilling sex positions that they would otherwise be unable to achieve. Being able to try new things in the bedroom is always going to be good for two adults, especially if their sex lives have become boring.

As you can see, there are many benefits that exercise has when it comes to making sex better – the impacts are both physical and mental. Try and get yourself into an exercise regime that suits you – there is no requirement to become a gym freak, but a few hours a week extra will make a significant difference.