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Top 7 Best Online Adult-Themed Shows

Adult-theme shows, even though typically meant for adult viewers, are fast catching the fancy of the teens as well. With this rising viewership of adult-themed shows, a number of American and British channels are getting bolder and banking their Television Rating Points (TRP) on these.

Resultantly, a wide variety of these shows is now available all across the web. The past episodes of most of the shows, that leave you with bursts of laughter or cry or thrill, often, are available online.

To help you choose the best ones to watch, from that pool of adult-theme TV shows, a list of top 7 such shows have been included below. While most of these shows are aired past 8pm on the respective channels, in view of avoiding easy access to little ones, the restrictions seem to be losing meaning.

The teens are more matured and emotional now. But this comes with a rider. These adult- theme shows, as being often perceived by the youth, do not necessarily be restricted to bold sensual scenes or dialogues. The adult viewership has a lot to do with the maturity to view and accept the impact of the contents showed. These could also relate to emotional ties in adult relations, action packed sequences or stories revolving around the lives of adults specifically. It is presumed that non-adults are less likely to either take interest or understand the concepts of such shows. The trend, however, seems changing. Check out the best ones to pick across different channels:

Masters of Sex, Sunday 10pm ET/PT, channel: Showtime

This show stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as real-life founders of the human sexuality. Their research findings win them tremendous popularity as they appear on the front cover of the Time magazine. The series revolves around the unusualness in their lives and romance.

Homeland expected to return on October 4 2015 Sunday 9pm ET/PT, channel: Showtime

An American TV series where the central character is connected to a terror plot planned in America. The show will give you goose bumps as you see the woman putting the security of the nation at risk.

Shameless, New season likely in January 2016, channel: Showtime

This story rotates around various siblings in a family, their love and compassion for each other and sacrifices. Fiona Gallagher is the oldest of six sibling characters. The family often sees crisis as the father is drunk and abusive.

The Affair: Sunday October 4 10 pm

This is one channel that keeps all married men and women glued to it. The excitement is about the theme that portrays emotional effects of extra marital affairs.

Big Bang Theory 8pm Thursday ET/PT Channel CBS

This story is about a group of scientists who work together over a project at the California Institute of Technology. Do not go by the title as this show is more exciting than you think. It focuses on the lives of the studious academicians who work and slog and also portrays how women cope with their passion.

Big Brother Wednesday 17 on CBS. 8 pm ET/PT

This is a reality TV show that shows the compatibility and struggle for survival of different individuals inside a house. These participants are celebrities who explore the real faces behind the ones they had been meeting in the glam world. The one surviving others in the house till the end wins.

Mad men, expected to return on October 13, 2015, channel: AMC

This show is about an agency where the central character involves is wife into risky business. He works in connivance with her to take revenge from the traitors.